Kreationz By Hand Unisex Hair Studio

Welcome to our world....Kreated.

Welcome to the world of Kreationz By Hand. This site is designed to allow you, the visitor into all things Kreationz By Hand. You will be able to view photos of the staff's work as well as get first hand info of monthly specials being offered by our barbers & stylists. Kreationz By Hand was established October 2007. After working behind a chair for years in other high profile shops, the owner, was ready to venture off and try an upstart of his own. After a failed partnership, he saw the opportunity to finally see his dream as a sole proprietor come to fruition. As he built the business, he wanted a business model that would set him apart from other unisex salons. The thought of having a monthly specials program, that would offer clients the chance to save money in the struggling economy. We offer discounts such as hospital employee discounts, police & fireman discounts and countless others.As we offer these discounts, we remain dedicated to our loyal customers that have helped Kreationz By Hand become one of the better unisex salons. Our staff is a close-knit group of professionals that are trained in hair care techniques and service.  All our barbers are professionally trained and licensed. They are able to cut all hair types & textures, and welcome clients of all ages, genders, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. You have now entered the world of Kreationz By Hand Unisex Hair Studio. Come experience what our hands can Kreate. 

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